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Before you buy, it’s important that you compare autoresponders to find the best solution for your needs. When it comes to creating automated follow-up emails and managing your email list, most autoresponders have it covered. So it’s really the extra stuff and pricing that makes the differences for autoresponder comparison.

On this page we compare the top three email auto-responders, based on our 6+ years experience with email marketing and autoresponders, during which we’ve tried all three autoresponder software. Althought there are many types of autoresponder software, the ones we compare here are all hosted solutions. We find hosted solutions to be the best choice since you can get started with minimal setup and technical experience.

Comparison Chart – Overall Ratings




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Overall, Aweber seems to be the autoresponder service that most famous marketers and bloggers prefer. This is probably due to it’s advanced features, excellent support and awesome reliability.

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Comparison Chart – Pricing / Subscribers




250 $8.45 $19.00 $18.00
500 $11.90 $19.00 $18.00
1,000 $16.15 $29.00 $28.00
2,500 $24.65 $29.00 $28.00
5,000 $39.95 $49.00 $45.00
10,000 $62.90 $49.00 $65.00
15,000 $92.65 $149.00 $145.00
25,000 $126.65 $149.00 $145.00
35,000 $203.15 Quote Quote
50,000 $322.15 Quote Quote
75,000 $449.65 Quote Quote
100,000 $594.15 Quote Quote
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In terms of pricing however, iContact will give you the best value for money as you can see from the table above. It costs 50% less to get started with iContact than with Aweber or GetResponse. iContact have a FREE trial which I recommend you sign-up for. You’ll get access to the full features and you’ll have more than enough time to see if it’s what you rally need.

In terms of features, Aweber is still the best. GetResponse is a close second.

You can compare autoresponders forever, but ultimately you just need to select one and stick with it.

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