Interspire Email Marketer Review

I’m doing this Interspire Email Marketer review because generally speaking I love Interspire products.

It’s true that Interspire isn’t one of the most innovative technology companies I’ve come across, but they certainly do produce great web marketing software. In their rolodex you’ll find awesome tools including the tool we reviewed here, the Interspire Email Marketer.

Interspire Email Marketer Review

Previously known as Send Studio, Interspire Email Marketer is a client based autoresponder script – which means you install it on your own server. A bit of technical knowledge is requires if you plan to do it yourself, or you can choose to leave it to the experts.

Interspire Email Marketer Review – Pros and Cons

This review only compares Interspire Email Marketer to it’s direct alternatives, which are other server-based autoresponder scripts like Autoresponse Plus. It does not compare the software to web-based services like iContact or Aweber.

Positive Interspire Email Marketer Review

  • Interspire Email Marketer (Version 5.5) has an interface so easy to use, even your grandma can use it without having to read the manual (corny but true)
  • Manage an unlimited number of subscribers, unlimited autoresponders and lists
  • Advanced features and capabilities to almost anything you want with your email list
  • Allows you to create “triggers” which sends an email to you entire subscriber list based on a fixed date – for example during your birthday, or on Christmas
  • Allows multiple user access with full control over each user’s access permissions – great for working in a team
  • Integration with Google Calendar allows for reminders – great for deadlines and teamwork
  • Awesome tracking, reporting and statistical tools gives you valuable insights about your mailing list
  • Send emails in Text and / or HTML, as well as manage images easily with the built in image program

Negative Interspire Email Marketer Review

  • The cost is definitely a big obstacle if you’re a home business owner, but small to medium sized companies will find it cheap compared to lesser solutions in the market
  • As some of the comments below indicate, they may have a problem providing good support for this product

Interspire Email Marketer Review – Pricing and Cost

The pricing is based on the number of users, maintenance and support contracts and additional help like installation or customization.

  • You’ll pay $495 for a single user license with the free one year support, plus an optional $49 for installation.
  • The price scales up as you add more users and select a longer support contract – although you can always expand your service later
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee period, and Interspire is a reputable company so they’re not going to disappear with your money.

Interspire is obviously targeting larger organizations with it’s products and pricing.

If you’re a home based Internet marketer (or on a budget) you’ll find Autoresponse Plus much more affordable and yet with the features you’ll need.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra however, you should get Interspire Email Marketer will help you save time and cut the learning curve.

Interspire Email Marketer Review – Screenshots

The first screenshot shows you the general user interface, which looks great. The second screenshot shows the user / subscriber management page. If you go to the home page you can try the online demo to test it out yourself.

Interspire Email Marketer Interspire Email Marketer

Although the pricing may be on the higher side, Interspire Email Marketer is worth it’s weight in gold just for it’s usability, aesthetics and functionality. Although Autoresponse Plus is cheaper, it’s not as user-friendly as Interspire and quite frankly, you always get what you paid for.

Click here to test drive / buy Interspire Email Marketer

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  • Comment by howard miller |

    I prefer Omnistar Mailer because it is easier to use and priced better.

  • Comment by Tom Finn |

    Ignore these omnimailer comments, they are posted by the same company, and all over the web it’s the exact same thing – beware of omni’s fake comments.

  • Comment by Julian Wolf |

    I use Interspire eMail-Marketer since over two years now and I am going to change as soon as I find something else, that works for me. There are many bad things to say about Interspire, that only come out if you work with it for a while. It is a mixture of very different problems, but let me first focus on the good things, to keep it fair.


    - Interspire has a great Backend, easy to use and very visual.
    - The mailer itself is very robust, I had never any problems with it, seems perfect.

    Now let´s look on the negative points, in my case they are “no-goes” and this is the reason why I like to change.

    - Not a relational Database
    Let me explain: Every Data is saved separately. If you have three eMail-Lists, for example a newsletter, a follow-up-mailing for your product and a special christmas-sale with some follow-ups, then the user will be able to sign in with just one form, but he will be saved triple.

    When he changes his eMail … he will have to change it in all three lists. When he inserts data like “Firstname” or “Genter” or others, they are only present in the list, he has put it in. There is no point where all this information comes together.

    The very absurd thing is that Interspire startet to integrate some small CMS-Elements. But it makes no sense: The one “user” is in the one list, the other “user” is exactly the same, but in another list, so for the cms-parts it is like a complete different customer. So even in the CMS you don´t see any “combination”, you have just one subscriber, but he is “splittered” through all different lists.

    - Not usefull “segmenting” of lists.
    Some interspire-users suggest to just use “one list” for all contacts and then “split” the list in different parts, so you can manage “three lists” in one. This “could” be usefull, interspire has something called “segments” and it could be easy, to work with just one “list” and then different “segments”.

    But “segments” can´t do the same things as lists, and I don´t understand the sense in limiting the segments. For example: You can´t sent a Follow-Up-Mailing to a segment. The easiest situation to udnerstand why this is just stupid is with “non-confirmed subscribers”. I have some daily users who subscribe but don´t confirm. So I have built a segment with all “non-confirmed” users. But now … I can´t resend them a confirmation-eMail, because I would have to sent it out as a follow-up, one day after theire sign-in. Makes no sense to me, that the segments are limited like this.

    - Pricing
    The pricing is “high”, I´m okay with that. But what I´m not okay with is that they doubled theire prices without any announcement and without any new feature that I have seen there. Now I have to pay for one year of updates the same price that I paied in the begining for the whole liscense.

    In fact, I think that the software is not so good as it was years ago. The new editor … I don´t like it and I don´t like that it works with lots of pop-ups and things like that. I prefered the “tabs” in the old editor. I don´t understand why such a high-priced product is not using a professional Editor, but only the TinyMCE. Well … it is a good Editor for cheap software, that can´t afford more. But in fact … Interspire is HIGH PRICED, so I expect good parts inside!

    - The support is quick … but useless
    Before you are able to sent out any support-question, you have to click through hundereds of messages. It says “have you checked the forum?”, you have to click “Yes”, then it says “Won´t you like to first look into the knowledge-base”, you have to click “no” and so on. Yes, they have support, and yes, the answers are comming quick. But it seems to me like they try to block support-questions.

    - Features
    Feature-Requests are mostly sent to a UserVoice-Forum for voting. But I never have seen any effect there. In fact, there are so few users inside of the Voting for features, that it doesn´t seem to me like a “usable” thing. However … The support doesn´t really think about the question. They only say “Write it there…”, that´s it. Once again, it doesn´t feel that they are really interested.

    - Statistics
    In my case the statistics are very incorrect. For example, it says I have 20 new subscribers in a list, but when I look in I only see 3 new subscribers that are really in.

    Well … I might have asked the support. I haven´t, since months. I´m just not that motivated, even if it could be just a small thing to correct.

    - eMail-safety
    Interspire says, they do everything to use a “valid” eMail. But they don´t and in fact, they are not interested in correcting that.

    One example: They count “soft bounces” and “hard bounces”. A hard bounce is deleted directly, a soft-bounce has a counter: When a user has 5 soft-bounces, he is also deleted.

    But … they don´t care if this five soft-bounces come in two weeks or in 10 years. When a user has his mailbox full five times, then it get´s five soft-bounces and the user is deleted of the list. But how easy can it happen, that his mailbox is full? Imagine, that he makes two weeks holiday, when you sent two informations out, then this are the first two soft-bounces. And once again, in christmas-time. Number three. The counter never goes down … it is just a matter of time when “every subscriber” will be deleted of your list.

    Bad, bad strategy. And … I told it to the support. They seemed not to be interested.

    Best wishes, Julian!

  • Comment by Jonathan |

    I’m an Emailmarketer reseller so I guess your review wasn’t targeted at me… but I have to confess I was not aware of Autoresponse Plus, so thanks for that. I will take a look. We also support phplist. Maybe Autoresponse fits in there somewhere.
    Wow Juilian, that is really in-depth critique of Emailmarketer from someone who has clearly used the product extensively.
    I’m not sure there is an answer to your bounce observations, except that perhaps bounce processing is a pretty uncertain process anyway and inevitably you are going to have some false positives.
    But for some of your other points it might be worth looking again at segments. Segments can seem a lot of trouble for not a lot of control because the Emailmarketer querying can be a little limiting. But if you are creative with your custom fields you can get much better control. Add in the occasional SQL script to run queries directly on the database, popping values into the custom fields, and you can get fine control of your lists through the normal segmenting tools. I know that is hardly a standard feature of the product but we ( find it can solve a lot of list processing problems.

  • Comment by Terri Zwierzynski |

    I’d like to second Julian’s overall negative review of Interspire. They’ve doubled their prices, while ignoring complaints and feature requests, and of late it appears (although I’ve not seen an announcement yet) that they have now completely dropped support of Email Marketer. No more updates, no fixes, and too bad if you downloaded the latest version which has multiple bugs.

    I’ve been a happy and loyal customer for a number of years, but no more. I’m looking for alternatives now.

  • Comment by Rich |

    Can you tell me what are the alternatives.

  • Comment by GARRY CHENG |

    Never buy Interspire again.
    We used Interspire to send out 4000 emails, the status shows all sent, but none of them received. according to their support, it is because we are using default php send email, which is not stable.
    Then we used an third party SMTP server, which works fine on Outlook and other email software and tested all the settings are correct. But it doesn’t work for Interspire application, it always says connection refused. and we tested the hosting environment there is no port blocking. We asked their support, and it asks us to use their paid SMTP service. Of course I am not using, I don’t want to get into such situation where it takes 24 hours to get one support ticket replied. and they do not provide the accurate information in the ticket, so it will take another day to get it clarified. If you are using their product, please prepare at least 6 month to get it working and send out the first email.

  • Comment by Michael Austin |

    In test driving Interspire’s Email Marketer, I find that installation seems to be fairly easy on a Linux box, but support is anything but quick. I sent a test e-mail to an Outlook 2010 client PC and images I linked in Interspire’s editor don’t show in Outlook’s view window. When you send the e-mail to a Web browser, the images are visible.

    It has been nearly 30 hours since I requested a response, and they promise 24. I’m suspecting I’ll be doing business with a company with better support. I found OmniStar on my own, and I’ll be calling them up to discuss their software and support.

  • Comment by Prithwiraj |

    Has anybody here has been able to use triggers in interspire ? I have set up triggers but they are not firing. If any one can help me

  • Comment by Mike Dupuis |

    I’m curious, what would a larger enterprise use which would require:

    multi-user access
    and larger amount of emails
    better analytics

  • Comment by Bacizon |

    Interspire Email Marketer review – my experience: best to avoid it!

    If you are looking for an email newsletter application then read my story.

    Interspire’s Email Marketers app is full of bugs. It has a very impressive feature list, majority of functions apparently works… but this is just the surface. On the background you get bad / incomplete reports, wrong segmentation, serious errors when sending email, screwed-up templates, etc. This is a big mess, a piece of junk – all for 500 USD.

    They require a yearly 250 USD support renewal, which is ridiculous, as the app does not work properly. You can send out simple newsletters, but once you’d use the advanced features (segmentation, advanced templates, survey, etc) it fails, works with lots of errors.

    If it were a very good app and I were a pleased user, I’d go for the maintenance, but 1. I hate being a beta tester of a 500 USD app and always requesting support 2. hate paying so-called 250 “maintenance fee” annually for ironing out bugs that are in the software. They should remove it without any notice immediately – but no, they do not.

    What happens when you pay 250 USD maintenance feel? A technician logs-in to your server, hack the code to make it work at your copy of Email Marketer – this method was applied several times, and however the quick fix works, this seems to be very unprofessional and the updates are very rare.

    Even if it is more pricey, all I can recommend to go with the established email service providers who charge you a monthly cost, but that works.


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