Autoresponder Web Hosting Exposed – Dangers to Avoid!

autoresponder web hostingIf you plan to use an autoresponder script for email marketing, here’s a word of caution: get the correct autoresponder web hosting plan.

Don’t just assume that you can get some cheap autoresponder web hosting account somewhere with “unlimited” bandwidth etc and put your script there, sending out thousands of emails every day. I did that once and woke up one day to find my account suspended.

Autoresponder Web Hosting Explained

Lets take a look at the 4 basic types of autoresponder web hosting accounts out there:

  1. Shared Autoresponder Web Hosting – You shared the same physical server / machine with thousands of other users. Although the hosting company may advertise “unlimited” bandwidth and space, there are tons of limitations in the fine print which makes that virtually impossible. Most importantly, with a shared hosting account you usually cannot send out more than 200 to 500 emails per day.
  2. Reseller Autoresponder Web Hosting – A few resellers share the same server / machine, and each reseller can create new accounts either for personal use or to be sold. Although you may have additional flexibility with a reseller account, the very fast that you’re still sharing the same resources with other users means that there will probably be some type of limitations on using autoresponder scripts as well.
  3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Autoresponder Web Hosting – Similar to reseller hosting, a VPS provider has tons of servers and instead of giving you a big part of one server they give you small parts of many servers. That way it created some kind of “private network” for your web hosting accounts. With a VPS you have almost all the freedom you can get with web hosting, and you can host your autoresponder scripts with no problem. A VPS is the best choice.
  4. Dedicated Autoresponder Web Hosting Server – If you have many websites, then you may want to get a dedicated web server. With a dedicated server the entire machine is yours, and that means what you do does not effect anyone else. You’re free to host your auto-responder script, and the only reason a dedicated server is ranked lower than a VPS is because of the cost.

Autoresponder Web Hosting – Recommendations

So, it’s clear that you should stay away from using a shared hosting account is you plan to install and use your own autoresponder script. A VPS is the best best, and HostGator VPS is a great choice. A VPS can handle multiple accounts as well, and it much cheaper than a pure dedicate server. You get the flexibility you need, without breaking the bank :)

Choose the best autoresponder web hosting account right from the start to avoid any unwanted problems!


  • Comment by faizal |

    thanks for sharing mr.gobala. emm..just want to ask you something i`m not cleard, can you teel me how to know that our webhosting is shared server or not? :wink:

  • Comment by admin |

    You need to ask your web hosting provider about that. Unless you’re paying more than $30 a month chances are it’s a shared account.

  • Comment by Vicki |

    Can you suggest a good autoresponder script? I want one for multiple users, not just myself.

  • Comment by Janee Wuerz |

    Your web filter at work will recognize the VPN eventually and block access to that address. You also run the risk of having the IP address blacklisted and then your ISP finding out you were violating your terms of use and shut off your internet.

  • Comment by Anthony |

    Thanks so much for posting this info.

    I have been looking carefully at Interspire’s self hosted email managment software for some time now but after reading your article, I contacted my host company before purchasing.

    Sadly, my hosting company (hostpapa) informed me that – just as you said – my “unlimited” hosting plan is not as unlimited as one might think. I’m on a shared server and I have a cap of 50 emails per hour. So, even with my present very modest list of 1000 contacts, it would take 20 hours to send an email message to all of the contacts.

    Hostpapa did say that I could contact their service department before sending each newsletter and ask them to lift the 50 email limit but they would need to review my email message content. They couldn’t say exactly how long it would take to get my message cleared each time.

    So now the self-hosted option isn’t looking so good. It’s too bad because the pay-as-you-go/pay-more-as-your-list-grows option seems like a racket to me. $20 a month to maintain an email list of 1000 contacts when I only pay $5 a month to host my entire website? Sounds like the mafia to me…

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to bit the bullet and sign up with one of the pay-as-you-grow providers.

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